5th Annual Just Say YES STEMFEST serves over 770 students in Henry County for Georgia STEM Day!!

McDonough, GA – March 4, 2022 – Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company has partnered with Henry County Schools, BK International Education Consultancy, Southern Crescent Women In Business STEM Extension, and Real Leaders Read to host the 5th Annual Just Say YES STEMFEST and help kick off STEM Across Henry for 770 students at Walnut Creek Elementary School. The 6 hour STEM festival is part of a weekend celebration to raise awareness about Georgia STEM Day, in conjunction with Read Across America Week. 

Just Say YES STEMFEST is a signature part of the #WITHSTEMUCAN change the world campaign by Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company designed to inspire more students to shift from thinking “I CAN’T” into I CAN do stem education, while participating in fun and engaging Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning opportunities.

“We are so honored to partner with Henry County Schools, BK International Education Consultancy, Southern Crescent Women In Business STEM Extension, and Real Leaders Read this year for the STEM Across Henry to highlight the importance of literacy as a foundational skill for STEM success, supporting teacher preparedness and inspiring students to actively engage in STEM in fun learning environments as the pathway forward where all students win. Thanks to these willing partners and sponsors like Publix at Eagles Landing in Stockbridge, providing equitable access to quality education through programs like our STEM festival is one way we are increasing child well-being and putting a dent in learning loss,” said Josette Hutton Evans, Founder/CEO of Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company. 

“By providing students and teachers innovative learning experiences through private-nonprofit partnerships, together we can accelerate learning and prepare children for college and career readiness,” said veteran educator and CEO of BK International Education Consultancy, Bejanae Kareem EdS.

Southern Crescent Women in Business Inc has expanded their reach into a STEM Extension Program, pulling in the talent and resources of their membership to include exposing kids K- 12 from aeronautics to construction and architectural engineering. Southern Crescent Women In Business Inc and Real Leaders Read Initiative is pleased to play a role in the support of STEM Exposure to our scholars in Henry County. It is extremely important that we prepare our children and provide multiple opportunities for our children to be exposed and to help prepare them to compete at a global level”, said Founder, Ariel Shaw, MBA.

For questions, contact: Josette Hutton Evans at [email protected] or 404-907-0116.

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About Georgia STEM Day 

Georgia STEM Day is a day for schools, educators and companies to engage in activities involving science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by TAG Education Collaborative. Thousands of schools across Georgia will participate to celebrate Georgia STEM Day on March 4, 2022. For more information on how your school, or organization can join in Georgia STEM day, visit https://www.tagedonline.org/georgia-stem-day/

About Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company, Inc.

At Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company, we believe quality education is a human right, and the earlier historically under-served people are exposed and immersed in quality education and living opportunities, the better the entire world can operate. Our mission is to turn everyday places into public learning classrooms to equip youth for pathways to success, support healthy family foundations, and help communities thrive.  We exist to increase child well-being by increasing access to equitable education in places that have been historically underserved by zip code of geography, and for people who are underserved based on gender, race/nationality/color/creed, socioeconomic status, age, and housing circumstance. 

Visit www.metincpowerco.org to learn more.

About BK International Education Consultancy 

BK International Education Consultancy’s mission is to strengthen PK-12 learning communities to amplify education equity. With 20+ years of leadership and experience in education, BKIEC accomplishes this through customized interactive learning experiences for K-12 students, educators, school leaders, and families. BK International Education Consultancy is an International Association for Continuing Education and Training accredited provider of CEUs and is a minority and woman-owned business enterprise based in Georgia. Visit www.bkconsultancy.org to learn more.

About Southern Crescent Women In Business STEM Extension  

Southern Crescent Women In Business STEM Extension Program was created to support the local schools and school districts with their STEM Curriculum and STEM Exposure for children in grades K-12.  

Southern Crescent Women in Business Inc is a conglomerate of women owned businesses and women in business that have come together to change the economic landscape in the South Metro Area. Southern Crescent Women In Business was founded by local businesswoman Ariel Shaw, MBA. Partnerships for the organization extend throughout Henry County, Clayton County, Dekalb County, Fayette County, and more. To learn more visit https://www.scwibga.org/stem.

About Real Leaders Read 

Real Leaders Read is an initiative founded by Ariel Shaw, MBA, a mother of a gifted and talented student in Henry County School District. Real Leaders Read Initiative kicked off during the 2017-2018 school year; in which, various leaders from Henry County and the Metro Region were invited to read to a class once a month or on a bi-monthly basis. The initiative’s goal is to inspire a love of reading through story time,  donation of free books to children in grades K-5,  and sponsoring an after school book club that reinforces reading with comprehension. To learn more visit https://www.realleadersread.org.