Accessibility Statement for Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company, Inc.


Measures to support accessibility

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company, Inc. takes the following measures to ensure accessibility of our programs and events:

  • Include accessibility as part of our mission statement
  • Provide continual accessibility training for our staff
  • Assign clear accessibility goals and responsibilities
  • Provide Sensory-Friendly programming, audio-described programming, and ASL-interpreted programming as a part of regularly scheduled season events and programs whenever possible.
  • Take active steps to update and modify the website to support accessibility.
  • Provide tools and resources such as adaptive art supplies, noise-reducing headphones, light-reducing sunglasses, fidget toys, and social stories upon request. (And work to add to and edit this back of tools/resources based on the needs of our participants).
  • Leverage listening sessions, industry-trends and leadership opportunities with experts including students, parents and educators to intentionally and consistently hear, learn, adopt, and promote best-practices in our efforts to support and implement SEL, sensory-friendly, and ADA-friendly activities.

Special Needs & Learning Adaptation Accommodations 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Our materials for children on the autism spectrum focus on communication and social skills, life skills, reading and writing skills, and cognitive and math skills.


Our materials for children with ADHD develop focus and attention, self-esteem and social skills, language and math skills, and organization skills.

Developmental Delays

Our materials for children with developmental delays help build gross and fine motor skills and boost language, cognitive and social skills.


Our materials for children with dyslexia focus on phonemic awareness, decoding and word recognition, reading comprehension, and organizing ideas.

Speech & Language Delays

Our materials for children with speech and language delays build communication skills, oral language skills, and reading and writing skills.


Materials sponsored and supported in a partnership with Lakeshore Learning Materials can be purchased off of our Mobile Academic Classroom Registry here.


Scan the Barcode below inside any Lakeshore Learning Store

Registry ID#: gl554046441

Lead Name: Josette Hutton Evans

School/Institution: Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company, Inc.

Privacy: Public

End Date: 12/31/25

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company has established partnerships for accessing Learning Adaptive Curriculum with the following organizations in partnerhip with Lakeshore Learning Materials:

Lakeshore is delighted to partner with, a nationally celebrated nonprofit that brings essential materials to classrooms from coast to coast! For 20 years, has made it easy to support teachers and schools—allowing donors to give in a way that works best for them. Donors can choose specific classrooms, community campaigns, disaster relief efforts and more. Click here to learn more or to make a donation of your own to our programs.


Founded in 2000 by Charles Best, a Bronx history teacher, DonorsChoose has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for America’s classrooms, making it the leading platform for supporting teachers in public schools and Head Start centers around the country. Teachers come to DonorsChoose to request the materials and experiences they need most for their classrooms, and donors give to the projects that inspire them. Lakeshore is proud to be a longstanding supporter of DonorsChoose, working in partnership with the organization on a variety of initiatives that directly support teachers, students and classrooms.

Tools of the Mind

Tools of the Mind is a research-based curriculum that helps young children develop the cognitive, social-emotional, self-regulatory and early academic skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. Our organization has partnered with Tools and Lakeshore Learning Materials to access the Pre-K and Kindergarten Curriculum Classroom Material Kits, which includes tons of materials to help teachers implement the curriculum—all ready to use right out of the box! Click here to view the kits.


ORIGO Education makes mathematics meaningful, enjoyable and accessible for all students. Stepping Stones 2.0 is a comprehensive print and digital program that builds conceptual understanding through powerful visual models, engaging activities and more. Click here to view custom math kits and supplemental materials our organization uses that are developed by ORIGO in collaboration with Lakeshore Learning Materials.