Founder/CEO Josette Hutton Evans serves as Early Literacy & STEM presenter for the Black Child Institute Development Center Culturally Responsive Summit in Atlanta

February 23, 2022- Atlanta, GA- Our Founder/CEO Josette Hutton Evans was a proud presenter at the BCDI Culturally Responsive Early Education & Care Summit for Professional Development focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Loudermilk Center in Atlanta, GA.

In partnership with Bejanae Kareem of BK International Education Consultancy, Josette presented a session entitled Transform the SPARK: A culturally-responsive approach to early literacy

Session Description:
How do educators and families enhance literacy readiness for early learners?

“Once children see themselves represented in books, their existence is validated, and they feel that they are part of the world.” -Eric Velasquez.

This session unpacks a case study of an evidence-based culturally-responsive approach to early literacy which resulted in the building of home libraries, enhanced reading time at home and childcare centers, and strengthening of children’s critical thinking, creativity, and communication.

Identify characteristics of culturally-relevant text
Describe the benefits of family reading time

We want to thank the participants for the:
🗣wonderful engagement

💡Aha moments as we all shared best practices on developing culturally relevant and inclusive literacy tools for programs across the meeting space

📚Reading rituals that promote brain development in early learners

🫂 New partnerships & connections


The 3rd Annual BCDI Early Education Summit was made possible with the help of sponsors United Way of Greater Atlanta, and UPS.

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