What is the Partner In Education Program @ MetIncPowerCo?

Reimagining Equity In Education for K-12 Together

The Partner In Education Program is an opportunity for our organization to share our expertise, time, ideas, experiences and resources for the educational success of students and families.

We intentionally convene resources with collaborative partners to help close the gaps of education and learning loss across K-12.

Ready to find out more? Download our PIE Roadmap

Our PIE Roadmap shows you step-by-step how we support K-12 schools to ensure every child has access to a pathway to quality education

Leverage your ESSER Funds to put your students in the driver seat this school year with us!

Wondering how you can use your school district ESSER funds to increase PBIS, Family Engagement, Kindergarten Readiness, STEM/STEAM, Enrichment or Afterschool and more?

Download our ESSER Funds Cheat Sheet where we've mapped out our programs and curriculum to each of the ESSER Fund Requirements.

As a federal grant ESSER Funds receipient, our nonprofit is positioned to supplement and partner our programs leveraging the BOOST Grant in tandem with your school resources. Ask us how in your consultation call.

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Meet Dr. Sherri Greene, Principal of Dutchtown Elementary School:      Help us celebrate her as our 2022-2023 Principal of The Year and latest YOU ROCK Community Award Recipient 

How do we support students through PIE @ MetIncPowerCo?

Out-of-School Time & After School 

Our afterschool programs partner our certified instructors, leaders, and community partners to provide on-site and virtual K-12 programming in Literacy, STEM, & Career Preparedness.

Project and Work-based Learning

Thanks to strategic partners, Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company provides real-world, on-the-job project and work-based experiences for middle and high school students looking to enter fields in Technology, Engineering, Education & Health!

Parent University 

Each of our K-12 programs center on reinforcing the learning progressions of each student by supporting wrap around services for their parents, guardians and caregivers. Our Parent University program provides parents and caregivers monthly supportive workshops centered around K-12 support, parent advocacy through strategic partnerships with GA CAN, and financial literacy workshops through a sponsorship from Delta Community Credit Union.

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How do we support teachers through PIE @ MetIncPowerCo?

Curriculum Design & Classroom Support

We love to assist teachers with special classroom and school activities.

Whether bringing our talented volunteers to the classroom to present on curriculum topics, to serving on program advisory committees to help ensure instructional programs are current and relevant, our program staff are committed to helping bring curriculum alive in the lives of students.

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Teacher Mini-Grants

It is no secret that teachers struggle to support the growing needs of students in the classroom in maintaining the adequate amount of supplies, innovative instructional materials and cutting-edge technology in an ever-changing world.

We have created a strategic partnership with BK International Education Consultancy to support teachers across our program sites and provide teacher mini-grants.

Our Teacher mini-grants help supplement classroom supplies, curriculum support and more thanks to partnerships with Teacher Pay Teacher, our corporate sponsors, and contributions from individual and community sponsors.

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Digital Learning Certifications & Continuing Education

Through the support of collaborate partnerships with Google, Microsoft, Adobe and more, teachers participating in our PIE program have the added benefit of gaining access to a robust database of digital learning resources specially curated for educators.

Some topics of Certification include:

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Certifications
  • Google Classroom Certifications
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Ready to connect your school? Get started today!

It's simple! First consider: 

  • What is your greatest need currently? What resources or challenges do you need help with affecting your students and teachers?
  • What age group do you want to focus on for your pilot PIE project?
  • What current partners can help further support this collaborative effort with the PIE project?

Then, take the following steps:

  • Contact our Program Coordinator to set up a meeting [email protected]
  • Relax, we will figure it out together from here

How do we support community partners & local business through PIE @ MetIncPowerCo?

Opportunities for supporting students and teachers with us are unlimited!

Through giving of your time, talents, and resources, your services as a partner with us empowers our ability to broaden the learning experience of students and support the work of teachers, while empowering parents' abilities to appreciate your brand. As a result, businesses and community organizations will discover signicant benefts as a MPC PIE Partner including:

  • Personal and professional satisfaction in supporting the children and youth of our community aimed at closing the gaps of access for historically underserved youth and communities
  • Recognition in our organizational publications as well as school, community publications as a changemaker
  • Enhanced relationships with school and community leaders
  • The opportunity to positively affect the economic and workforce development in your county

These are a few ways we have partnered with community partners and local businesses through our PIE program in the past: 

  • Volunteer to tutor or mentor students in our Afterschool Program
  • Give certificates and gift cards from your local business to recognize students for their achievements
  • Sponsor educational field trips: in-person or virtual
  • Donate books and other supplemental learning resources
  • Donate STEAM-related resources to curate our Mini-Maker Labs
  • Sponsor and/or judge student contests such as spelling bees, science fairs, and youth entrepreneurship events
  • Participate in career fairs and mock job interview events
  • Provide work-based learning internships for students (unpaid)
  • Provide VIP learning experiences with Executive staff from your business (CEO, CFO, COO, VP)

Ready to partner your business? Get started today!

It's simple! First consider:

  • What are the resources you and your organization have to offer as a partner?
  • What age group do you prefer to support at this time- elementary, middle, or high school?
  • What schools are conveniently located to your organization? Are they already a member of the MPC PIE Program? If not, would you consider collaborating with us to get them added?
  • Would you prefer to partner with a specific MPC PIE program at just one or more than one school?

Then, take the following steps:

  • Contact our Program Coordinator at [email protected]
  • Create a partnership plan that meets your interested and supports student and school needs through our MPC PIE Program Agreement Form
  • If you will be tutoring or mentoring students, coordinate with the school representative to complete all necessary school forms including a criminal background check.