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Fun Weird Science

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Student Snapshot: STLR Exit Surveys

Through a vast array of live in-person and virtual experiences, students have become immersed in STEM career pathways, grade-level reading opportunities, career and college preparedness, project-based learning activities, and learning about entrepreneurship.

In response to COVID-19, our pivot to virtual learning experiences has yielded a mix of student interests across various pathways for their future. We decided this was a perfect time to also increase intentionality around our participant data as a means to help us prioritize programming needs and capture unique instances of community needs in the new normal.

Through exit surveys, we call STLRs, (Student Transformative Learning Records) we identify and track various points of data including the level of engagement, interest, pre and post knowledge, as well as gain vital direct feedback on what students have learned, hope to learn in the future and struggle with while participating in our programs.

To the right is a snapshot of student learning outcomes since March 2020 for students participating in our Virtual Learning Labs.

Interested in STEM Career
Want to pursue entrepreneurship
Struggle with Math
Read on Grade-Level
Experience Food Insecurity

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Featured Coaches

Pamela Mosley-Brown, Program Coordinator

Pamela Mosley-Brown

Pamela Mosley-Brown is a master facilitator who helps us lead our career and college readiness program, Being The CEO of ME.

     A family favorite, Pam brings our curriculum alive with challenging projects and fun, practical ways to build character while learning business fundamentals.


Ashley Miller LinkedIn

Ashley Miller

Ashley Miller is our fun, energetic financial literacy coach from Wealthy Habits inspiring students and their parents on how to be wise with their cha-ching!

Never a dull moment in Coach Ashley's session, students enjoy learning all the ways finances and a design thinking mindset work hand in hand.

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Eitan Lewittes

Eitan Lewittes helps make math and learning fun as the curator of our customized Jeopardy games, RoadMATH to Success database and so much more STEMtastic fun!

Join Eitan throughout the summer and spring sessions as we shift "I CAN'T" thinking into "I CAN" and "SHOW ME HOW" behaviors in math.

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