Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company launches regional STEAM Alliance to shift the future of STEM

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company announces a plan to develop a robust regional STEAM Alliance across the southeast to shift the future of STEM in an effort to increase opportunities for historically underserved citizens to gain access to a more inclusive, accessible, and affordable pathway to STEM/STEAM career pathways as part of our WITHSTEMUCAN Movement and Just Say YES to Youth Initiative.

This new strategic community approach, called Building E-STE(A)M For Youth Partnership Alliance, comes in direct response to the large gaps of equity in education ascerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company is building a coalition of partners comprised of K-12 educators, college and university students and faculty, leaders from the business sector, community stakeholders, parent advocates, and STEM providers from the southeastern states of the U.S to lead the charge in this effort to close the digital divide and STEM talent gap among historically underserved students.

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company seeks members to join the inaugural steering committee to help shape the priorities for the Alliance in 2021-2025 including building the framework for the Alliance to input and share data across members, implement a strategic plan to drive the talent gap across STEM disciplines in the African-American and Latinx community, improve mentorships for females seeking STEM careers in advanced science and technology, and provide resources that lend to plugging the leaky pipeline in STEM past middle school.

One of the initial focus areas for the Alliance will be to help shift the mindset of students, parents and educators through the WITHSTEMUCAN Growth Mindset Pledge by gaining 1 Million signatures to raise awareness around the damaging idea in society that only certain people can do science, technology, math or read well. From there, the Alliance will connect students and families with STEM providers, immerse youth and parents through educational resources to improve STEM academic rates post high school, and network youth and parents through events aimed at exposing students to STEM fields and real-world experiences with mentors.

If your organization is interested in joining the regional Building E-STE(A)M For Youth Partnership Alliance, please email [email protected] to join our listserv and receive updates and invites pertaining to the program.