Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company pivots with key partnerships to bring back Just Say YES STEMFEST after COVID break for Fall 2021

Rex, GA- On behalf of Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company, Rex Mill Middle STEAM School, BK International Education Consultancy and Pharoah’s Conclave, we would like to extend a sponsorship invitation to participate in the 4th Annual Just Say YES STEMFEST sponsorship program.

Just Say YES STEMFEST created by Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company is a community-based STEM festival where kids design their own experience! For the 4th year in a row, together with strategic partners Rex Mill Middle STEAM School, BK International Education Consultancy and Pharoah’s Conclave, we are turning an everyday place into a public learning classroom to transform “I CAN’T into “I CAN” mindsets! STEM is everywhere. It shapes our everyday experiences and helps mold our future. It also opens the doors to strategic thinking, intentional collaboration, creative expression and exposure to the best careers.

As a team, we work endlessly to close the educational gap and create opportunities for equitable access to STEM. In response to COVID19 learning loss, we need your assistance to provide unique immersive hands-on experiences to spark the inventive and creative minds of historically under-served students, families, and teachers in Georgia. This year our goal is to help more than 1500 youth, their families, and area educators transform life outcomes, overcome learning barriers, improve child well-being, and realize a better quality of life through improved access to educational opportunities.


Just Say YES STEMFEST is just one example of how our organization embraces innovative educational methodologies and exposes historically underserved students to hands-on, rigorous, attainable education opportunities no matter where they live.

This year, through our strategic partners, we are excited to enhance those experiences with eSports career pathways, showcase how art, music, and physical education enhance STEM, as well as provide invaluable grant resources to area educators.

By providing immersive experiences in accessible public spaces, our Just Say YES STEMFEST serves as a way to spark the inventive and creative minds of historically under-served students through hands-on exhibits and challenges no matter their zip code, socio-economic background, or in-school experience.

As our 4th annual event kicks off on November 6 2021, Just Say YES STEMFEST keeps getting bigger and better- in addition to our hands-on coding experiences within the store, this year we’ve expanded to include a STEM Club showcase, STEM Mentors on deck to share real-world experiences, an Educators and Parents workshop, and MIE Certification opportunity for college students and emerging professionals.

Please see our website for more information about unique sponsorship opportunities and its viability for both parties. We invite you to become a sponsor and set up a call to answer any questions at your earliest convenience. I can be reached directly at 404-803-4142 or [email protected]


About Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company

At Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company, we believe quality education is a human right, and the earlier historically under-served people are exposed and immersed in quality education and living opportunities, the better the entire world can operate.  

We exist to disrupt the denial of equitable education to people who have been historically underserved by zip code and geography, gender, race / nationality /color/creed, socioeconomic status, age, and housing circumstance. To learn how we are equipping students for success, supporting healthy family foundations, and helping communities thrive, visit

About Rex Mill Middle STEAM School 

The Vision of Rex Mill Middle STEM School of Healthcare Science and Technology is to be a school of high performing urban leaders who are able to draw upon the intentional exposure and experiences in the arts, sciences, technology and mathematical practices to solve problems within our community.

Visit the school website to learn more about their strategic vision and goals for students, parents and the community.

About BK International Education Consultancy 

BK International Education Consultancy’s mission is to strengthen learning communities through program development, professional learning, and project management. With 20+ years of leadership and experience in education, BKIEC accomplishes this through customized interactive learning experiences for K-12 students, educators, school leaders, and families. BK International Education Consultancy is an International Association for Continuing Education and Training accredited provider of CEUs and is a minority and woman-owned business enterprise based in Georgia. Visit to learn more.

About Pharoah’s Conclave (PCX)

Pharoah’s Conclave (PCX) prepares youth for eSports Careers. We help engage and prepare youth for careers and opportunities related to eSports by:

  • Exposing youth to the career pathways in eSports
  • Preparing youth to successfully navigate the eSports career pathway(s)
    that most align with their interests
  • Connecting youth to collegiate, internship, and career experiences
    and opportunities
  • Providing youth access to scholarships to further their preparation for
    the eSports and video gaming workforce

Visit our website to learn about our programs.