...It's all about ensuring our youth are empowered to survive in today's world.

Our youth programs equip students with confidence, evidence-based approach to learning outcomes, and fun project-based activities to inspire them to dream bigger visions of their lives.

Our work begins with YES.


Our volunteers run our community-based learning labs, serving in and out of school settings as well as remote options.

By meeting the needs of people where they are, we ensure access to resources that help people evolve into their best selves.

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Short-term and long-term opportunities are listed on VolunteerMatch.

Empower youth and communities through hands-on use of your time, skills, talents and passions.

Heyyyyyyy Volunteer! Already passed your background check? Great! It's time to tap into training.


Are you a junior or senior enrolled in a college or university looking for a rewarding foot in the door to gain experience in your field and get mentored at the same time?

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Get your feet wet with a project.


Our Executive and Community Advisory Boards consist of stakeholders in education, business, public policy, health, and tech. They serve as subject matter experts, help us increase our footprint, provide valuable resources, and engage with diverse stakeholders.

Members of our executive and community advisory board come from all socio-economic backgrounds, skill levels and life experiences to help shape our future priorities.

Please consider applying for a position on our leadership teams:  executive board, community advisory board.

Members are required to serve a minimum of a 2 year term, and have an annual $1200 Give-Get Fundraising Assessment, participate in employee sponsored company match initiatives, and other fundraising priorities as designated by the board.

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Are you a high school student in need of community service hours for graduation or college requirements?


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